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I am happy to announce, ZEKE! He’s our choice of stud for Gertie. Zeke is a tall, handsome, very quiet and watchful boy. He is very patient and an all around gentle giant. He is a wonderfully sweet boy and his temperament is fantastic. He was raised in a home with his teenaged boy and his mom on a great span of acreage in WI. Zeke has a great headpiece and overall conformation. He is proven with multiple litters and throws some very correct pups. His pups are gorgeous and take on their dad's strong features and nice structure. He comes from some prominent show lines, including many American Champions, some of his pups have even been seen in the ring as well.

Health testing is prominent in his lines as well, with many of the dogs in his pedigree having been OFA tested or CHIC certified. He is set to be CHIC certifiable by April 2022 if not earlier. I couldn’t be happier with this pairing. With the history of testing in his lines and the fact that there are no health issues in other offspring, we are not concerned of health issues affecting future pups. Gertie has also had extensive testing completed and has been deemed qualified for breeding by every vet, in their respective fields, she has seen. They are all extremely impressed with her. If there are still concerns, rest assured, we will always uphold our 2 year genetic health guarantee. We are hopeful for a keeper pup from their first litter, to potentially add to our program.

AKC Registered

Black Masked Fawn - Brindle and Black in pedigree 

DOB: 04/04/2019

145 lbs

36 inches at withers

Chic Number: 168574

His proof of testing has been linked below. Zeke passed all of his health tests and was given his CHIC number.



Hype is a well bred and well mannered Lilac Fawnequin stud from our friend Jackie at Boondocks Danes. Every time I have interacted with Hype, he's shown me nothing but love. A very friendly, well trained, goofball. Born on 05/23/2018, Hype is an AKC Registered American Great Dane.

  • Lilac Fawnequin / Tan-Point carry

  • 36 inches

  • 155 lbs

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