Simko Danes Gertrude's "Gertie" Little Secret

Gertie is a fun loving and well mannered girl. She likes to be allowed to meet people at her own pace. Once she's checked you out, you will have her glued to your hip. She has a lovable and goofy personality, loves to play catch, and lives for hugs from mom. Gertie enjoys visiting some of the local downtown business owners when we take walks to visit dad at work, and absolutely LOVES her ice cream pup cups when we visit our favorite local ice cream shop. Born on 07/14/2019, Gertie is a Black 100% American AKC Registered Great Dane.

  • 35 inches

  • 120 pounds

  • Black showing

    • E Locus: Em/​E

    • B Locus: B/B

    • D Locus: D/d1

    • K Locus: K/N

    • A Locus: ay/ay

    • Merle: N/236 (One copy of the Merle- SINE Insertion)

    • S Locus: N/N

    • Harlequin: N/H

  • IMGD: N/N - Normal Results

  • DM: N/N - No copies of the DM mutation

Gertie has completed almost all of the health testing required by The OFA to receive her CHIC Number. She has completed her Hips, Elbows, Shoulders, Patellas, Cardiac Auscultation with Echo, CAER evaluations, and Coat Color and Trait and Genetic DNA testing through UCDavis VGL. We are still working to complete her OFA Thyroid testing.

Gertie's pups were born March 17th 2022. Check out the Available Puppies Page for more info!



Simko Danes If You "Millie" Knew Me Mildred

We are happy to introduce Mildred "Millie" into our program! She is a big, beautiful pup and we can't wait to watch her grow. She is spunky and mischievous, yet reserved and observant. Her personality is developing more and more every day. She is a well behaved, friendly girl who LOVES meeting as many people as she can. We're very excited to see what she will bring to our program.

Millie has completed Three Puppy Obedience class and we are currently working on her next levels of training. We have hopes of training obedience or agility with Millie and even have thoughts of competing in Dock Diving Events. She is a water loving dane for sure so, we think she would thoroughly enjoy and excel at this sport. We have high hopes of going further into these events with one of her future pups as well.

Mildred does not have any current testing completed. Test results will be posted as soon as she completes them, after 24 months of age.

Test Results