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Simko Danes "Edie" you can have your cake & Edith too

It has been decided to pull Gertie from our program. Therefore, Edith, her daughter, is no longer considerable as a candidate for our breeding program. She is from our Saint Patty’s Day litter born in 2022. She is a very sweet and wonderful girl who has a high drive, will to learn, and one I can see going very far in some type of dog event, agility, FCAT, etc.

We had originally decided to offer our Edith for placement on a LIMITED AKC Registration only; However, she has since undergone emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage and Spay & Gastropexy. She will now be staying with us to live out her days. I will soon be starting her in FCAT to see if we can give her an outlet of some kind, to focus her extra energy and keep her engaged.


She is such a sweet girl, with a spunky & unique personality. She will be the one to remind you to live life as carefree and with as much fun as possible. She is a talker and a grumbler, there is no shortage of attitude from this girl! An extremely good cuddle-er and wants to be right next to me at all times.

Test Results


Simko Danes If You "Millie" Knew Me Mildred

We are happy to introduce Mildred "Millie" into our program! She is a big, beautiful pup and we can't wait to watch her grow. She is spunky and mischievous, yet reserved and observant. Her personality is developing more and more every day. She is a well behaved, friendly girl who LOVES meeting as many people as she can. We're very excited to see what she will bring to our program.

Millie has completed Three Puppy Obedience classes and we are currently working on her next levels of training. We will be attending our very first FastCAT in Spring/Summer 2023 as we think she would thoroughly enjoy and excel at this sport. We have high hopes of going further into different dog sporting events with one of her future pups as well.

Mildred has officially completed all necessary testing required by OFA for her to obtain her CHIC number. She has completed her Hips, Elbows, Shoulders, Patellas, Cardiac Auscultation with Echo, CAER evaluations, and Thyroid. Coat Color and Trait, and Genetic DNA testing through UCDavis VGL. Test results can be found through the link to OFA's website.




Simko Danes Gertrude's "Gertie" Little Secret

Gertie is a fun loving and well mannered girl. She likes to be allowed to meet people at her own pace. Once she's checked you out, you will have her glued to your hip. She has a lovable and goofy personality, loves to play catch, and lives for hugs from mom. Gertie enjoys visiting some of the local downtown business owners when we take walks to visit dad at work, and absolutely LOVES her ice cream pup cups when we visit our favorite local ice cream shop. Born on 07/14/2019, Gertie is a Black 100% American AKC Registered Great Dane.

The decision has been made to retire Gertie early from our program. She developed some anxieties and some behavioral signs that I did not feel should be continued. She was a fantastic mother; She will live out her life with us and enjoy her retirement.

  • 35 inches

  • 120 pounds

  • Black showing

    • E Locus: Em/​E

    • B Locus: B/B

    • D Locus: D/d1

    • K Locus: K/N

    • A Locus: ay/ay

    • Merle: N/236 (One copy of the Merle- SINE Insertion)

    • S Locus: N/N

    • Harlequin: N/H

  • IMGD: N/N - Normal Results

  • DM: N/N - No copies of the DM mutation

Gertie has completed all of the health testing required by The OFA to receive her CHIC Number! She has completed her Hips, Elbows, Shoulders, Patellas, Cardiac Auscultation with Echo, CAER evaluations, Thyroid, and Coat Color and Trait, and Genetic DNA testing through UCDavis VGL. Results can be found through the link to OFA's website.




Simko Danes Izabel Iz Royal Elite

Izzie has always had a need to be touching her person. She is very nosey and wants to know everything you are doing, with great detail. Izzie is a TALKER, she will make herself heard if she feels you aren't paying enough attention to her, or if she wants something. She loves to play outside with her sisters and sun bathe on the patio. Born on 03/14/2018, Izzie is a Blue 100% European AKC Registered Great Dane.

  • 33 inches

  • 140 pounds

  • Blue coat color, carries only Blue

*Izzie was retired early (end of 2020) due to her having a risky birthing process with both of her litters. She was spayed and placed into a loving retirement home with one of her sons from her second litter.*

The health of our girls is of the utmost importance to us. We will not risk their health in order to produce a litter.

Test Results
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