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Available Puppies

*24/7/365 Breeder Support*  *2 Yr Genetic Health Guarantee*  *Return Contract*     *Health Tested Parents*

We will not be expecting another litter in 2022. Gertie is planned to be bred again on her next cycle. We are still scheduling phone interviews to be considered for our waitlist for any future litters.

You must have completed a phone interview, puppy application, and read over the contract in order to be added to our waitlist. *Being added to the waitlist does not guarantee you a puppy*

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New Program Updates & Puppy Placement Method

We will always be stepping up our program and we are at it again! Simko Danes is soon to include ENS - Early Neurological Stimulation, and ESI - Early Scent Introduction, and additional tactile and environmental stimulation as future puppies continue to grow. We will also begin evaluating each puppy for temperament and conformation/structure. Our placement of each puppy will no longer be up to the buyer based solely on sex or color, or even necessarily in the order of solely when deposits were received. Placement will be determined by the temperament of each puppy, the individual needs of each puppy, as well as the family’s needs. I will begin matching puppies with homes based on which puppy would be the best fit for each home around 6-8 weeks of age.
If there are multiple puppies that would be a fit for one home, then that person/family would get their choice out of those puppies. They would not get to choose from the rest of the litter because those puppies would be deemed to not be the best fit for their lifestyle. The buyer may still have a choice between multiple puppies, depending on which puppies are determined to fit the lifestyle of that person or family. The goal is to put puppies in homes where both the family and the puppy thrive. - We wouldn’t want to place a higher energy, high drive, more stubborn headed pup into a home with 5+ kids, lots of animals, not a lot of down time or time for in depth training, etc if they could go to a home with a single, active person, with no other small animals, who has the time to meticulously train the dog or who is interested in more of a working type. If a family is set on a specific sex or color, I will of course be happy to take that into account however, they would have to understand that a puppy that fits their household and temperament requirements as well as color and sex preferences may not be available for immediate placement and they may be on our waitlist for a year or even longer. This is non negotiable and will not change. I apologize if that is taken as an inconvenience, however, I will always do what is best for my pups FIRST. Thank you for understanding.

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Please complete and submit the puppy application to be considered for a spot on our waitlist.

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Available for Placement

Simko Danes Sampson Richard

DOB: 10/14/2020 (~1 1/2 years old)

Blue Harlequin Male

AKC LIMITED Registration


Strict Return Contract

Rehoming Fee of $1,500.00

(He is AKC registered, has all basic training done, neuter has been, current on vet care, and will come with a go-home pack with some essentials for him. Fee is non negotiable.)

Lifetime Breeder Support

Basic Training & Commands Done

Crate Trained

Up to date on all vaccines and veterinary care

Microchipped (I am locked in as first contact)

Located in Central Wisconsin

I am offering free transportation anywhere in WI. Each additional mile outside the WI State lines will be $.75 per mile.

Potential Home Requirements:

No Renters

Must be 21+ 

Children 13-15+ are OK



Other household pets are OK

Fenced in yard is absolutely required -

We have a fully fenced in yard with 4 foot high iron barred panels. 

Must complete application online and a phone interview with me (Chezie)

Application can be found on the Application page or by scrolling up. 


I’d like him to stay in WI or as close to WI as possible. He’s already gone through two big transportations and I'd like him to not have to do it again. Not a disqualifying factor only a preference. I do have a trusted transporter who I can arrange transport with if he would need to be transported farther out of state than I'm able to do myself. Fees for transport vary by trip.

This handsome boy had to come back to us due to life changes with his previous family. I have been working with him for the last year and will be starting to look for his new forever home. He will be going through some more training with me as the days he is here continue. He has the very basics in training but is headstrong and will still try to avoid a command. He would benefit from someone that is familiar with training and has the patience yet sternness to not let him get away with whatever he wants. Sampson was also known as IHB7, from our second litter born October 14th, 2020. He still very much has that puppy mentality that needs a strong, stern owner. He does well with a slow introduction when meeting other dogs and, once introduced, all he wants to do is play. He is a very silly playful boy who loves to roughhouse, with our Millie especially. Our Frenchie, Tallie, is his buddy so he definitely will do well with smaller but less reserved dogs. He LOVES meeting and playing with other dogs.

He truly is a wonderful, sweet boy who just wants all the love and attention he can possibly get. He loves to cuddle. He does great with the girls, meeting other dogs, and meeting older kids while supervised. Young children make him nervous. He is very curious about our cats and our pet rats, but he has stuck to watching them from a distance for now. He has had no problem ignoring the cats once he got used to them. His previous owners reported issues of resource guarding, or what they thought was aggression. While he has been back in our care, I have not had any issues with guarding in general. He can show some aggression when around larger males, which may have stemmed from his first home. We have begun muzzle training which he does extremely well with. He is not comfortable around young kids younger than about 10 years old. With his muzzle training, I have been slowly introducing him to males and younger kids. I will not, however, be placing him in a home with children under 13 years old. I have gotten him neutered and continued with socializing and exposing him to his triggers as often as I can. He has shown great progress in the time I have had him with us. He does need some place to run, play, and horse around. He can get bored so keeping him exercised and his mind engaged would be best for him.

He is fully potty trained. He has not quite caught on to using the bells himself yet, although when one of the other dogs rings the bell, he knows it means it’s time to go outside. He will also do just fine on a regular schedule of being let outside. He would do best in a home with either no children, or a home with children over the age of 13-15 years old. I feel that he would do just fine with teen-aged kids that understand how to interact with big dogs. Sampson is crate trained. He sleeps in his crate every night and knows that is his safe space. He has not ever slept outside of his crate while with us. I highly recommend crate training for all dogs so, I would ask that his new owners continue with it as well. He will not be sent with a crate however, he would require a 54 inch crate.

This boy will require some work and patience from his new owners but will most certainly be worth it.

Thank you for reading and for your interest!

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