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Available Puppies

*24/7/365 Breeder Support*  *2 Yr Genetic Health Guarantee*  *Return Contract*     *Health Tested Parents*

We will not be anticipating another litter until Fall of 2023. Millie has completed testing and received her CHIC number so, she is planned to be bred on her next cycle. We are still scheduling phone interviews to be considered for our waitlist for any future litters.

You must have completed a phone interview, puppy application, and read over the contract in order to be added to our waitlist. *Being added to the waitlist does not guarantee you a puppy*



New Program Updates & Updated Waitlist Policy

WAITLIST: With the amount of people in the past who either backed out from our waitlist last minute or who did not inform us they already found a pup for their family elsewhere, we have had to update our waitlist policy. From now on, we will require a Non-Refundable Waitlist Deposit of $250.00 just to be added to our waitlist. This ensures you are serious about potentially being matched with a puppy in the near future. Once you place a deposit and are added to the waitlist, if you should choose to no longer purchase a puppy from us, this deposit would be forfeited. If you are not matched with a puppy within 3 years time from being added to our waitlist, or I should decide to not place one of my pups with you, I will refund you any monies applicable.

*Once pick up day comes along, this deposit is then applied to the full purchase price as the Spay/Neuter Deposit*

Being on the waitlist means that each time we have an upcoming litter, you will be contacted directly. You will be given the opportunity to confirm if the details of that litter interest you, and you would like to be matched with a puppy from it.

Announcement of Litters- Once we announce an X-Ray confirmed litter, we will have a puppy count and, therefore, have a better idea of how many puppies we may have to match with families. We will open our HOLD Deposit Acceptance to those already on our waitlist.

Placing a Non- Refundable HOLD Deposit of $250.00 guarantees that a puppy from the current litter will be chosen for you. This does not guarantee your choice of puppy but that a puppy will be chosen that best fits your household needs. If you choose not to purchase the puppy chosen for you, your deposit may be transferred to the next applicable litter. This ensures my time and efforts were not for nothing, and that you will get a pup at a later date. If color is a deciding factor for you, I can take that into account when doing puppy evals but, that is never the sole factor that goes into matching my pups with families. If you are only interested in a certain color and are against other options completely, then I would say we may not be the breeder for you and wish you luck finding the puppy you are looking for.

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Please complete and submit the puppy application to be considered for a spot on our waitlist.

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