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Becoming part of the Simko Danes family

If you are interested in owning a Simko Dane of your own, the information provided below gives you an idea of how to start the process, and what to expect once you do.

First, we only have puppies once or twice a year and it is not guaranteed that we will produce a litter every year. At this time we are strictly producing companion puppies sold with Limited AKC Pet registration. We have high hopes of producing more working and possibly even show lines in the future.

  1. Please review our entire website. It has a lot of information that can answer many of your questions. I strive to be as upfront and open about my program as I can.

  2. Complete and submit the (linked) Puppy Application also found near the bottom of the Available Puppies Page on our site. You will be asked to provide background info about yourself, your family, and lifestyle, as well as give character references and a vet reference.

  3. Get in contact! Phone is the best way to reach me, followed by messaging our FaceBook Page, and lastly by email. Please understand that I receive many emails and may not see every email or be able to respond. My contact information can be found at the bottom of the site.

  4. Schedule a phone interview with me, Chezie. We will go over your puppy application, our contract, get to know one another, and I will be able to answer any questions you may have.

  5. Denial or Acceptance to the Waitlist - Based on your puppy application, phone interview, review of our contract, and reference check we will inform you of whether or not you have been accepted to our Waitlist. We may not inform you immediately, it depends on how quickly we are able to contact your references and go over your app. 

  6. WAITLIST: We DO require a deposit of $250.00 to be added to our waitlist, this ensures you are serious about potentially being matched with a puppy in the near future. *Once pick up day comes along, this deposit is then applied to the Spay/Neuter Deposit* Being on the waitlist means that each time we have an upcoming litter, you will be contacted directly and given the opportunity to confirm if the details of the litter interest you and you would like to be matched with a puppy from the litter.

  7. Waiting Period- Unless we have a planned litter announced or puppies on the ground, you will have to be patient. This is a really tough part for many of those who reach out to me about a pup however, we can assure you, it IS WORTH THE WAIT! As a small scale "hobby breeder", it is not guaranteed we will have a litter every year. We are breeding for health, temperament, and structure, we do not just churn pups out.

  8. Announcement of Litters- Once we announce an X-Ray confirmed litter, we will open our Deposit Acceptance to those already on our waitlist. Placing a Non- Refundable HOLD Deposit does not guarantee your choice of puppy but that a puppy will be chosen that best fits your household needs. If you choose not to purchase the puppy chosen for you, your deposit may be transferred to the next applicable litter. This ensures my time and efforts were not for nothing, and that you will get a pup at a later date. If color is a deciding factor for you, I can take that into account when doing puppy evals but, that is never the sole factor that goes into matching my pups with families. If you are only interested in a certain color and are against other options completely, I would say we may not be the breeder for you.

  9. LITTER UPDATES- This is everyones favorite part aside from actual pick up. You get to watch the updates to our FaceBook Page; Simko Danes! This is where I post the most about each of our litters as it is more interactive. Media such as twice weekly growth pictures, regular play pictures and videos of the pups, and other milestones will be among some of the updates available for viewing.

  10. Puppy Placement- Once the puppies have gone through ENS & ESI as well as temperament testing, I will begin assigning puppies to the homes I feel they would best be suited for. This is not optional as this helps ensure each puppy is not set up for failure in their new homes. This also does not guarantee a family will not have any issues with a new pup but helps streamline the transition process. Puppy Placement may begin anywhere from 6-8 weeks of age.

  11. Puppy Pick Up- We require our pups to stay with us until 9 weeks of age. Go home day(s) are scheduled for the weekend after the pups turn 9 weeks old. We allow transportation of our pups by ground only. I have a trusted transporter I can arrange transport with at the buyers expense. Otherwise, we welcome all new puppy owners to pick up their puppies at our home. Location info to be given prior to pick up only.


Puppy Pick Up Days are scheduled for the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) after the pups turn 9 weeks old. We schedule our puppy owners in 2 hour time blocks. Puppy Owners don't have to stay the entire 2 hours but it allows enough time to meet with each other and the pup, and complete paperwork. 

"Paperwork" includes the following:

  • Signing hard copies of our Contract

  • AKC Limited Registration & Online Payment.

  • Registration of the puppy's microchip info with AKC Reunite, done online.

  • Recording final payment and producing the Invoice Receipts.

  • Making copies of ID/License of each party.

  • Providing Vet Records for the pup.

Each puppy has an individual folder that contains their own set of information which all paperwork will be added to. Both parties get copies of everything. 

Spay and Neuter Deposits are added to a separate savings account allotted for refunding upon each puppy's alteration at 2 years old. Deposits are forfeited if alteration is done earlier than specified in our contract, without prior written consent, or if alteration is not completed.

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